Graduates Of The 7 Week Master Internet Marketing Class Are The Top In Their Field

These Students Have Passed And Been Certified As Masters Of Internet Marketing By Going Through An Intense Training Program On Advanced Marketing And Advertising Lessons, They Are The Best Of The Best

Master Internet Marketing In Just 7 Weeks!

Become A Confident Digital Marketer In An Immerse Training Experience Hosted By Jeremy Haynes

Over a 7 week period of time, the student who passed their final exam who sent you to this page went through a rigorous process of developing their marketing and advertising skills to mastery levels.

They sat through 7 live classes that were 3-5 hours each on different topics that showed them the best strategies, tactics, tools and software's to generate customers and leads online at scale.

During those live classes they also completed up to 10 worksheets per class while we were live to help with retaining as much of that information as possible.

In between each live class they had dozens of videos per week in their homework libraries to consume which they were also tested on for accuracy to ensure they took away everything from that overload of information each week.

This student also took a final exam of 88 questions that was not easy to pass, we have an average of 54% of students from each cohort that goes through the 7 weeks actually get a passing score who then becomes certified as a master of internet marketing.

Besides all of that, they have real time access to me and everyone from past cohorts of the class who passed inside of a graduate chat where they can ask questions in real time, get feedback on their funnels, ads and copywriting so they are always ahead of the subpar advertisers and marketers out there in the marketplace.

We take our certification seriously, and are happy to answer any questions you as a business may have and to verify if the student who sent you to this page actually passed or not and what scores they got on their final exam.

Email with any questions

I've stepped up with my 8 1/2 years of scaled advertising experience to help other marketers, advertisers and agency owners level up to mastery. We've spent anywhere from $500k-$1M+ per month on ads for years now, and we do so profitably.

We don't claim to be the best agency on planet Earth or the best advertisers to ever exist, we simply know we have a scale perspective and acquire years of data and lessons each month we spend and earn for our clients that others can learn from to excel.

The graduate who sent you to this page is vetted and should be proud of spending close to 100 hours in a 7 week period on high intensity marketing and advertising training that packed their brain full of strategies that work, software's that speed up their execution, reporting tools to be accurate with what they do, and tactics to scale businesses in rapid time compared to average advertisers and marketers who have low odds of success from lack of training and trying to do it all on their own.

If you as the business who is considering hiring them want to see first hand all of the info that they went through and how intense the training was, go to this page to get more clarity on how prepared and trained this graduate is to help your business.

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